We believe what we do makes a difference.


The Arts Center School of Music and Dance opened its doors the fall of 2008 with our dance program, and in fall of 2009 we introduced our music program. The Arts Center welcomes you into our music and dance family. Our primary goal is for the development of our students, their education, and the enrichment that comes from studying music and dance.


Our positive atmosphere builds self-esteem and the love of their art form. The Arts Center School of Music and Dance is a place where musicians and dancers can be enriched in their craft and flourish in the arts.

We Believe in Technique and Classical Training


Classical training in dance and music lays a solid foundation for all genres in the arts.  Classical training is the most disciplined and demanding way to learn an art form, but also the most rewarding. Accomplishing that solid classical training is key in becoming a successful artist. Classes are carefully designed to increase technical skills, stamina, and discipline appropriate for student's age and physical and mental development.

We Believe in Each Student


Every student benefits from taking classes in the arts, even if they don't pursue a career in the arts. Students learn discipline, teamwork, gain confidence and creative thinking skills to push themselves further in the arts. All these skills enhance your child's academic performance as well as their physical well-being. The Arts Center School of Music and Dance will keep the student’s personal achievement level as the primary focus.

We Believe in Customer Service


Customer service is top priority at The Arts Center School of Music and Dance. Communication between the school and parents is key to our successful business. We are here to try our best to give immediate assistance to return phone calls, answer questions, and emails.

believe in performance

We Believe in Performance


Music and Dance are performing arts which gives students confidence and a sense of self worth.  We direct a high quality production that provides our hardworking musicians and dancers an opportunity to perform like a professional.  In the spring, we will host a music concert and a separate dance recital.  There will be additional opportunities to perform at community events and outreach programs.

We Believe in Quality Teaching


The Arts Center School of Music and Dance is committed to offering the finest dance instruction available in a positive and supportive environment.  All classes are taught by professionally certified education specialist. We will pay close attention to your child’s artistic development.

We Believe in Safety


Dance provides a lot of stress on the body. There is a great deal of jumping, which can put stress on bones and joints—and dance shoes alone do not provide the support or cushioning needed to prevent all injuries.


The shock of movement can apply pressure on the feet, knees, and back of the dancer. We have installed a floating dance floor to help absorb the shock of jumping and to prevent injuries. The top layer of flooring is also important. A “marley” vinyl type floor is laid on top of the floating floor and there is less risk of slipping.


Very few studios use a floating dance floor because of the expense involved.

We Believe in Small Class Sizes


Our studio limits class sizes in the early education program for more personalized attention. This will ensure that no fundamental concepts are missed. A smaller class size reduces the anxiety some preschoolers experience and will ensure students do not develop bad habits.

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