"Dancing appears glamorous, easy, delightful.
But the path to paradise of the achievement is not easier than any other."
— Martha Graham —

Maggie and Sammie have been students at The Arts Center for many years. Jill and all the instructors have taken our daughters literally by the hand and helped, in material and important ways, to turn them into strong, positive, and confident young women.


The instruction here is superlative, always enriching. and motivated to produce in our girls a sense of purpose and  accomplishment. Along the way, dance instruction at The Arts Center has made them better in other aspects of their lives, given them drive and determination, and made them more well rounded in all respects.


We all look forward to competitions and the annual recital, where the girls (and their family!) see how all the hard work pays off. Thanks to The Arts Center, and the dedicated staff, for helping us produce the best in our daughters.



Andrea and Dan Ross

Our daughter is a passionate dancer, and is embarking on her collegiate training in dance. Miss Jill has been her guiding force and inspirational teacher.


Jill has provided studio instruction, enrichment opportunities, competitive avenues, and career goals.  She has shared not only her endless knowledge about the art of dance, but she has also been an outstanding example of professionalism and motivation.


In Miss Jill’s hands, our daughter has grown and blossomed.  We will be forever grateful for Miss Jill’s influence in our daughter’s life.



Greg and Linda Miller

Our daughter has taken dance classes with Jill for the last six years. During those six years we have watched her develop the confidence to step outside of her comfort zone and test the waters by competing with a solo this past year.


Jill sets high expectations, encourages students with positive feedback, and inspires students with her dedication and hard work during each class. The excitement she has created in our daughter through dance has created a drive to learn with leaps and bounds.


Jill continually has the dancer’s best interest at heart! She is there to give each student the best opportunities possible, and to challenge them to do their best each minute she spends with them.


We are very thankful for the friendship, encouragement and guidance she has given to our daughter, and we look forward to many more years of wonderful performances to come!



Shane and Heather O’Connor

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